Top 7 Best Sushi Knives – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

As the ancient Chinese saying goes, ‘Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime’. When it comes to Sushi, the regular trusty kitchen knives just don’t cut it (pun intended).

The right tools for the job are traditional, single-bevel knives crafted for the very purpose of preparing this intricate delicacy. There’s more to learn about these knives than you think – you won’t even find them in most Japanese households!

Best Sushi Knives

What you’re looking for when it comes to the best Sushi knives is something that will ensure a complete slice of the meat in one stroke, with no sawing at all. The slices need to be smooth, delicate and sharply cut.

The single-bevel design allows for more acute angles in cutting, sharper blades and overall smooth experience with a meat such as thin and soft fish – talk about cutting edge!

All this information may seem overwhelming at first, but after some research and market survey, it’s really not too hard to choose the perfect knife. Here are some of the best Sushi knives.

  • Super sharp edge, lightweight construction
  • Ease of use, ready-to-use right out of the box
  • The material is regarded by some users as rather flexible (“soft”) and needed more sharpening
Though the reviewers here may seem at polar ends to each other with some lauding the sharpness of the blade and some complaining about the softness of the blade, it is pertinent to note that the comments of the latter category are decimated by positive reviews and the unfortunate latter users were all compensated by Yoshihiro itself.

The knife is available only in the color Rosewood and is available in various sizes, as are all traditional Sushi knives. The 11.8” version costs $239.99 (excluding shipping charges) on Amazon.

Sekizo Yanagiba Sashimi Knife

The Sekizo is another prime example of a knife that combines sharpness and precision, all the while maintaining the traditional Japanese style.

With nothing too fancy where it essentially doesn’t matter, the Sekizo has a wooden handle and plastic bolster, but that is not to take away from the very sharp Molybdenum blade, which is rust resistant and measures 8”, with no other variants

While it’s not as flashy as the other knives on the list, it’s interesting to note that it isn’t too costly either, but there’s a very solid reason, or perhaps reasons, the others are. The Sekizo is a budget-buy but might not be up-to-the-mark for some, as we have observed.

  • Lightweight, with a sharp and precise blade that makes everything from slicing the meat to rolling rice an enjoyable experience
  • Only intended to be used by right-handed persons

All in all, as long as you’re a righty, the Sekizo is a good investment if you’re looking to spend some money on a Sushi knife, $24.25 on Amazon (excluding shipping charges) to be exact.

Kai Wasabi Black Sushi Knife

You know when a product has the words ‘Wasabi’ and ‘Black’ in its name in the same order, things are either about to get really weird or really cool. Fortunately for us, the latter is in order as Kai brings to Sushi lovers around the world an amazing tool for making even the most technical of cuts an absolute breeze.

As for the blade, it has a stainless steel and Daido 1K6 high-carbon build with a polished, bead-blasted surface for the ultimate edge retention. The blade is claimed to be durable enough for the dishwasher, but hand-washing is recommended. Measuring in at 8.25”, this is a great option for making Sushi.

The handle of the knife is made of polypropylene and bamboo powder, which is super hygienic since it is inherently anti-bacterial and also provides for a very firm grip. The Kai also features an Oriental design language overall, which is common to Japanese cutlery.

The Kai is a brilliant blade which is mostly very popular amongst the reviewers. The features most commonly commented about are undoubtedly the sheer elegance and beauty of the knife, and how the bamboo powder makes for a nice and gripping feeling.

The downside is that it is not exactly dishwasher safe, but Kai recommends hand washing anyways.

  • Traditional design which is beautiful in the flesh, with an equally admirable performance when slicing
  • Some people have complained that while it is claimed to be dishwasher safe, the knife is not in fact as durable
  • The Kai offers an overall efficient and stylish experience and you can order your very own for $34.95 (excluding shipping charges)

Tuo Japanese Yanagiba Sashimi / Sushi Knife

Tuo has got your back when it comes to bringing together the best of knife engineering in order to give its users the most ultimate experience there is to have with a Sushi knife.

The blade is made from ultra-premium Damascus stainless steel with an incredible 33 layers of softer stainless steel on the opposite side, in true Damascus fashion. The 8.25” blade is 62 HRC in terms of hardness and is vacuum treated and Nitrogen cooled in order to maintain its integrity.

Tuo claim the blade is so strong it can even be used to slice poultry, flank, hanger steak, pork and anything else in the range, as long as you don’t use the knife for chopping.

As for the octagonal handle, it is made of top black Ebony wood which not only is very pleasing to the eye, but also is ergonomically, a friend of the chef.

The Tuo has received a lot of admiration from a variety of people including professional chefs and the intermediate Sushi lovers trying a hand at the art at home. Owing to the strong blade, the Tuo is a very versatile knife which won’t get damaged even if what you’re making isn’t Sushi but still has meat that needs slicing. The build quality is a bit questionable at times, we noted.

  • Beautiful design, exceptional strength for a Sushi knife
  • The build quality may be said to be inconsistent, with some users complaining of a wobbly handle-blade connection

Though it may be disappointing to invest in a knife that is not very reliable and as seen above, starts getting loose, we assure you that based on the market survey and many reviews, this is a very rare occurrence and in event of your knife losing its build quality, it can be replaced.

The Tuo overall is a great tool in the kitchen and can be yours for $89.93 (excluding shipping charges).

Yoshihiro Damascus Sujihiki

As the name suggests and as every Sushi chef and enthusiast alike knows, the Sujihiki style of knife is made for slicing, and the Yoshihiro does so very, very well.

Featuring a stain-resistant, double edged and lightly designed blade, the knife measures in on the RHC around 60 and features 16 layers of VG-10 Hammered Damascus steel, which make it a very handy tool for slicing through the meat

The handle is a beautiful red Mahogany with standard rounded corners and a good, gripping feeling to it.

Although a Sujihiki-style knife is not traditionally used for preparing Sushi, it is nevertheless used for slicing, which it excels at without a doubt, owing to its super sharp blade.

  • Exceptionally sharp edges, regarded as users as an essential kitchen tool

The Yoshihiro is a true experience in the kitchen and to get hands-on with your very own, Amazon can hook you up for $139.99.

DALSTRONG Yanagiba Knife- Shogun Series ‘S’- Single Bevel- 10.5″ Blade – Wood Sheath

The Dalstrong is a league of its own – both in terms of design and performance. Claimed to be handcrafted at finishing, this knife is instrumental to the Sushi cabinet and even for vegetables.

Featuring a signature Shogun series ‘S’ blade forged from a single piece of ultra-premium Japanese high Carbon AUS 10-V steel, it is cryogenically cooled with Nitrogen to enhance its strength tenfold.

The blade is fashioned to make a 15 degree acute incision maximizing slicing efficiency with minimum drag due to the formation of an air pocket owing to the incredible 15 degree angle.

The handle also is a gorgeous combination of G-10 Garolite and rosewood. The Garolite is a military-grade non-porous material which kind of resembles fiberglass and is tapered towards the tail-end for maximum tactile usage.

The Dalstrong is not only an absolute delight in terms of performance but also boasts a ‘metalstorm’ design running across the blade which adds to a more premium experience. The reviews are mostly very positive but there are some complains that it weighs more than you would want a Sushi knife to weigh.

  • Well balanced and beautiful, combining performance with a beautiful design
  • Well balanced and beautiful, combining performance with a beautiful design
  • Some users have complained of the knife being too heavy to their liking, this may lead to a subjectively hampered experience in some cases

All in all, the Dalstrong features a super sharp blade which features many modern elements all the while maintaining the classic traditional Japanese Yanagiba style. Brilliant for almost all Sushi and fish-related projects.

Experience the Dalstrong firsthand for yourself a the price of just $119.88 (excluding shipping) on Amazon.

Our recommendation

Having considered our carefully compiled comprehensive list, we have concluded after a very thorough consideration that there can only be one best Sushi knife. The winner in our list is hands-down the Yoshihiro VGYA300SH Stainless Hongasumi Yanagi Sushi Sashimi Japanese Chef knife.

The Yoshihiro is an absolute beast when it comes to Sushi making and the fact that it brings to its users performance and practicability is probably its best selling point.

As you may have noticed in our review, the blade is bolstered and also comes with a sheath for stowing away when not in use, all the while also increasing the hygienic element that is always best associated with cutlery.

The Yoshihiro’s reviews are almost all very positive and the basic fact that in event of some unlikely manufacturing fault, the company is willing to compensate for your loss or damage is a key factor when assessing your market options bearing in mind that you are making a fairly large investment for cutlery.

With its best-in-class performance, the Yoshihiro is our best Sushi knife!