Best Butcher Knives On The Market Today

Butcher knives are important part of your kitchen. These blades cuts hard through a sharp curvy blade and are used extensively for carving large pieces of meat and also for various hard to achieve slicing and piercing tasks.

Butcher knives are often heavier in weight and their blade is slightly curved. It features a non slippery approach and a tight solid grip in hands when cutting through a tough meat.

Having a best butcher knife is essential especially if you spent much time in kitchen daily and love to make outrageous meals.

Using the wrong knife may harden your work and you have to spend more strength and time to achieve several cutting and slicing tasks.

These knives are essential part of the kitchen and having a quality knife will surely be helpful in handling the meat before it touches the grill.

Choosing a butcher knife that cuts perfectly and is comfortable in hands could be a difficult task so we have listed down a list of best butcher knives in the market.


With a stylish look DEXTER-RUSSELL is widely used by professionals.Its 10 inches stainless steel blade isconstructed with high end materials. The blade is extra sharp and holds a very decent tip. The blade holds a great strength and is efficient for slicing smaller pieces of meat.

The handle of DEXTER-RUSSELL allows a strong grip. Highly prevents hand slippage and maintains a balance very well. It is easy to clean the knife and comes extremely sharpen out of the box. The handle is thick and it may feel uncomfortable in hands after using it for longer periods of time.

It is available in the market with numerous sizes. Straight edge allows an efficient cutting  and can bear extreme abuse.

The overall weight of DEXTER-RUSSELL is 3.5 pounds.  The 10 inch blade has a high carbon steel construction. With nice heft and great balance it is one of the best butcher knife in the market.

  • Efficient for grill related tasks like BBQ.
  • Features a very thick spine and remains sharp on regular usage.
  • Nice profile blade for cutting fish and meat.
  • Good balance between weight and nice features.
  • The metal on the blade is fragile and may break soon if dropped.
  • The handle is not so comfortable and your hands will get tired after slicing for more than a while.


With an extra heft and length VICTORINOX CUTLERY is a decent carver. Designed in Switzerland this knife holds a strong sharp edge. Ice tempered stainless steel construction makes this knife robust and durable. It is highly corrosion resistant and sharp edge allows a powerful strength against tough to carve meat. The high end constructed blade comes very sharp, holding great edge retention is able to cut large pieces of meat.

The high carbon stainless steel construction prevents the blade from rusting. stamped from cold-rolled steel this blade is highly responsive and is easy to sharp.

The handle is sturdy and is highly slip resistant. Excellent jumping is applied on the handle for a comfortable grip.With great ergonomics VICTORINOX CUTLERY offers a great balance and feels comfortable in hands.The overall shipping weight of VICTORINOX CUTLERY is 1.54 pounds offering a great balance among perfect ergonomics and nice design.

The manufacturer is offering a life time warranty if the product came faulty or having any manufacturer defects.

  • Handles are sturdy and can easily fit in large hands.
  • Designed to resist hand slippage and is corrosion resistant also.
  • 10 inches blade is extremely sharp and is efficient meat cutter
  • Widely used by butchers to cut high quantity of meat daily.
  • The blade is too big not suitable for regular usage.
  • The knife is too large for people with small hands.

Ontario Knife 7111 Old Hickory Butcher Knife

Ontario Knives have long been used and loved by many and is still a first priority for butchers. To perform tough cutting tasks Ontario Knife 7111 Old Hickory Butcher Knife is best that comes with a very sharp blade. The blade is extra sharp and holds a great strength. Convenient to perform butching tasks like slicing, cutting and carving. Strong high carbon stainless steel resists the blade from rusting.

Fully heat-treated blade is razor-sharp with decent edges.The handle is well balanced and allows a very firm grip. The blade has sharp edge that holds pretty well retention. With perfect ergonomics the knife is an excellent piece of equipment with great craftsmanship.

The knife needs a great care and should be cleaned after each use.The study grip will allow performing an effortless carving and slicing and you don’t have to put extra effort to cut thick meat.

Ontario Knife 7111 Old Hickory Butcher Knife weighs 13.4 ounces and is manufactured in USA. The 10 inch blade has a 5 inch handle convenient to hold even with bigger hands.

  • Designed to break down large and tough pieces of meat into smaller pieces.
  • The blade comes sharp that holds great edge retention.
  • Doesn’t feel cheap in hands and you will get what you have paid for?
  • It is an inexpensive knife with a light coating to prevent it from tarnishing.
  • Need proper maintenance and cleansing for long lasting action.
  • Will get rusty soon.

UltraSource 10-inch Blade Butcher Knife

A well renowned knife making company UltraSoure designed this sturdy knife. UltraSource 10-inch Blade Butcher Knife features a solid blade that can carve the meat into smaller pieces with less effort. It’s a professional looking knife that works best for chef’s and butchers, ideal for home cooking.

The knife has a nice curve that cuts like butter through a tough meat. The blade holds a great strength and you don’t have to put extra effort to achieve decent slicing. The handle is textured nicely that allows a well balanced grip. It is antibacterial infused and liquid welded to prevent hand slippage.

Quick slicing the meat when your friends are gathered for the BBQ party. Allowing you an effortless carving providing you a relief to your hands and shoulders.

The overall weight of UltraSource 10-inch Blade Butcher Knife is 12.8 ounces and  5″- 6″ blade length is ideal for boning and performing cutting tasks that are hard to achieve. The blades are Cryogenically-treated which increased their durability, strength and hitting power.

The handle is Ergonomic antimicrobial which means  it won’t slip in your hands and you can hold a firm grip.

  • Holds very solid steel that is of high quality and get the job done.
  • Ideal for butchers and meat cutters for cutting large quantity of meat.
  • Easy to sharpen the blade and holds a pretty good edge.
  • Comes with a reasonable price and it is easy to sharp the blade.
  • The blade needs to be sharpened very often.

Rada Cutlery Old Fashioned 12-1/8 Inches Butcher Knife

Rada Cutlery Old Fashioned Butcher Knife is a large butcher knife that has a classical vintage looks and has proven to apply large cuts to a tough meat. Allowing carving large pieces of meat into smaller pieces. It has a great efficiency and provide relief to your arms by providing effortless power.

Offering nice edge retention and a solid tip that is very sharp, performs boning tasks efficiently.The 7-3/4 inch blade is constructed from high end carbon stainless steel that is corrosion resistant and is easy to sharp.The aluminum handle has a nice grip, allowing an effortless and efficient cutting performance.

Rada Cutlery Old Fashioned 12-1/8 Inches Butcher Knife is from a well renowned American knife manufacturing company and is proving best kitchen knives since 1948.

The length of blade is 7-3/4 inches that is sturdy and can perform razor sharp cutting and slicing. The overall weight of this is 0.8 ounces and the company also offers a product replacement facility if it arrived with manufacturing defects.

  • Comes with a very sharp blade that remains sharp for a long.
  • The blade is corrosion resistant, will not get rusty after passing through your dishwasher.
  • The blade has a T420 stainless steel low carbon construction that makes it hits hard.
  • The handle has nice texturing applied to it that resists hand slippage.
  • The handle moderately small and may not fit well in bigger hands.
  • The thickness of the blade is very low.

Victorinox Cutlery 8-inch Grafton Edge Butcher Knife

Having a construction of high end stainless steel Victorinox Cutlery 8-inch Grafton Edge Butcher Knife is able to apply bigger cuts to a meat.  The blade is designed efficiently and it can slice easily through meat, vegetables and fruits. It has a nice curvy design that allows a well balanced cutting approach. Having a nice sharp edge it holds up very well.

The handle is sturdy and allows a firm grip for safe and secure slicing.  Provide an effortless and relaxing chopping without hand irritation.  It is perfectly textured to resist hand slippage.

The knife is small in size and has perfect ergonomics. Company offering a lifetime warranty for this product if it has manufacturing defects.Victorinox Cutlery 8-inch Grafton Edge Butcher Knife weighs 8.8 ounces  and is designed and manufactured in Switzerland.

  • The blade is extremely sharp and is easy to clean.
  • Nice construction and can easily fit in bigger hands.
  • The blade is solid and can easily perform tough boning tasks.
  • Holds an edge pretty well can cuts smoothly.
  • The blade is too big, may not suit regular cutting and slicing tasks in kitchen.
  • The knife needs to sharpen more often.

DALSTRONG Boning Knife

With cutting edge technology DALSTRONG Bonding Knife holds perfect ergonomics and is a nice piece of equipment with magnificent craftsmanship

Nice fit and finishing and the edge is hand polished for maximum durability.  High-carbon German steel construction ideal for de-boning , skinning , slicing, filleting and carving. Nicely designed for an efficient and effortless cutting approach and extra heft allow you to carry out your slicing tasks in no time.

The handle is designed for good hand fitting and grip. It feels comfortable in hands and you can easily perform deboning and carving for hours with feeling stress to your arms.

This knife may not suit in the butcher knife category but you will be amazed with its exceptional cutting power.

The knife is 6.6 ounces in weight and is convenient to fulfill your needs as a chef and butcher, also ideal for your kitchen use.

  • Perfect ergonomics with excellent balance of weight and features.
  • The handle is flexible enough to perform tough boning tasks and light slicing tasks.
  • The handle has a nice grip that Protects your hand from slipping onto the blade.
  • The knife is razor sharp and feels comfortable in hands.
  • It lacks enough texturing on the handle.
  • The blade is needed to be sharpened more often.

Mad Cow Cutlery Stiff Curved Boning Knife

Mad Cow Cutlery Stiff Curved Boning Knife is an excellent meat processor that has a curved knife ideal for boning.The knife has a high end construction and X55CrMo14 Stainless Steel blade is able to perform hard to achieve cutting tasks easily. The blade is heat treated and tempered to attain a standard quality.

The polymer core handle has a nice grip and is coated with thick rubber to resist hand slippage and efficient deployment. The handle is heat resistant and feel comfortable in hands.

It holds a pretty sharp edge that has been laser tested for maximum performance.  Proven efficient for trimming and slicing large pieces of meat.  The knife comes with a reasonable price and holds up a decent nice quality as compared to others in the market.

Besides manufacturing in Portugal the company offers a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects.

  • Solid and sturdy knife. Great for butchering cows and lambs.
  • Comfortable plastic coated handle ensures firm grip.
  • Came sharp out of the box, ready to carve.
  • Blade requires resharpening frequently.